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The Raccoon Breeding System - Genetic Aspects and Behavioral

 There are several types of raccoons: feral and domesticated. genetic aspects  and behavioral of the raccoon breeding system It doesn't take much effort to get "feral" offspring, all you need is to get a female and a male together and let their life call of instincts. Nature will do everything herself. It is quite another matter to get "domestic" pets. In this case, man must have his own hand. We mean that it is necessary to create special conditions in which there will be docile to socialization and upbringing of offspring. So, striped, breeding pets: how to get tame animals, how the selection of parents is carried out and how to take a charming crumb into the family?

Genetic Aspects  And Behavioral Of The Raccoon Breeding System

Raccoon Breeding System: Parents 

"Like parents, like children." Folk wisdom talks not only about people however as in general about all living creatures. If you aspire to get a pet fluffy, the parents must be the same, that is, domesticated. Offspring from wild raccoons never become fully tame.

Babies born of feral stripes are too stubborn, they are difficult to raise and often come into conflict with other pets (dogs, cats, etc.) as well as with humans.

So, you have a raccoon at home, breeding a charming weasel begins with mating. Pay attention, the partners must not be related to each other. This is one of the conditions for obtaining quality tame animals. As observations show, raccoons born of a brother-sister union are weak and have a low level of energy potential.

The ideal "partnership" when mating are fully domesticated and tame raccoons from different owners. That is, the female and male must not be related, but they must be:

  • Domesticated
  • Healthy
  • Energetic
  • Happy .

Only in this case you will get a raccoon striped, which breeding is carried out perfectly. Born from "ideal" parents, babies will be very affectionate and kind, they will catch on the fly education, they are easily accustomed to the litter box and the leash.

Raccoon Breeding System: Accustoming the baby to the person

Another very important factor in getting a pet tame raccoon is the "lapping" between the animal and human. The earlier the striped coon understands your role in his life, the fuller will be the integration of the fluffy into the human family. Having taken a raccoon 1,5 months old, you can be sure, that the baby will grow and become a social creature, which is able to love, be happy and understand its owner.

Genetic Aspects  And Behavioral Of The Raccoon Breeding System

If you order a six-month-old raccoon, you can't count on its obedience and mutual love. If you bring home an almost adult animal, there is a very high probability that your pet will grow up to be a sassy and opportunist.

If you need a raccoon at home, breeding an exotic pet carries many secrets and pitfalls.

Let your raccoons come out adorable, let them give joy to people and bring harmony and prosperity to their homes. Be sure, a striped raccoon tail brings happiness!