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Raccoon Dog Pet - The Nature of these Exotic Animal

Raccoon dogs, although they are representatives of the family of dogs, Raccoon dog pet - The nature of these exotic animal in behavioral habits are more like foxes, and look like raccoons. If they are brought as pets, they require walks, like dogs, and can walk on trays - like cats. A hand-held raccoon dog is a charming, charming animal, which is suitable for lovers of exotic pets. But if there is a desire to have such a funny creature, then first you should learn the peculiarities of the content, feeding, character of raccoon dogs, and familiarize yourself with a number of features. Still, it is a raccoon dog, not quite an ordinary dog.

Raccoon Dog Pet - The Nature of these Exotic Animal
Raccoon Dog Pet - The Nature of these Exotic Animal

Raccoon Dog pet Historical Origin

Raccoon dogs belong to a separate type of family of dogs. The natural environment of these animals can be found in the eastern Asian regions: eastern China, Korea, Japan, the northeastern region of Indochina, and the Russian ions in the Far East.

In the European and Asian parts of our state, they appeared in the period from the '20s to 58's of the 20th century, at that time several thousand individuals were brought here. This was done with special intent - better living conditions and rational nutrition should have had a positive impact on the quality of the fur cover of these commercial animals.

Then the individuals of raccoon dogs found themselves in almost 8 dozen administrative units of the Soviet Union. Some of them chose the Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, and Altai regions as their habitat. But the harsh climate with long, frosty winters was not suitable for these dogs, and they could not survive here.

Today raccoon dogs live in warmer climate zones - in the Caucasus, Moldova, Baltic States, western regions of Russia, and other states.

Raccoon Dog pet Description

As already mentioned, raccoon dogs resemble foxes or raccoons in terms of body structure and coat cover, but still, they are dogs because they belong to their squad. The maximum length of the body of individuals of this species is 80 cm, and the tail can be pulled up to a quarter of a meter.

Raccoon Dog Pet - The Nature of these Exotic Animal

Raccoon dogs have thick, dense, warm fur, the length of which is 10-12 cm, a bit coarse hair, and the undercoat soft and fluffy. They are similar to overgrown and somewhat lost in shape raccoons, sometimes compared to fur balls.

The extremities of the animals are small, covered with a medium length wool cover, and the head is narrowed, withstanding black ears. As for the weight, it varies greatly in these animals, depending on the season. For example, in the summer the animal can eat up to 7 kg, and by the end of winter, the weight is reduced to 3-4 kg. There are males who can increase their weight to 10 kg.

Raccoon dog pet the nature of these pets

Although a raccoon dog is a predator, this does not make it brave. On the contrary, these animals are compared with cowardly bunnies. Only long-eared animals run away at any danger, and dogs try to lurk. They lie on the ground, close their eyes, and pretend to be dead. And even if you take such a "carcass" in your hands, it will really seem dead - the beast will not lead with the ear.

Even a sharp, loud sound, such as a shot, will not help to bring a raccoon dog out of such a "dead" state - it will only shudder. And if he feels pain, he will start to squeal quietly and pitifully.

When the danger passes, the dog will open his eyes, look around, smell, and if everything is calm and nothing alerts him, he will run away quickly. Often, during hunting, this behavior confuses hunting dogs, and they, having smelled the lying, dubious prey, just run away.

All this shows that a raccoon dog is not a very aggressive animal that does not seek conflict. Any incomprehensible, dangerous situation the animal prefers to pass by pretending to be dead. A raccoon dog turns out to be a good pet, but with certain reservations.

A wild animal is still capable of aggression but is not a dangerous animal that can cause serious harm. Sometimes, the animal is able to bite the offender. But, if you compare it with raccoons, raccoon dogs are more agreeable and less bitten.

These pets can get along with other animals, but still can be a mess. Better they get along with dogs than cats, with dogs of the right size they can even play. But all small animals, including birds, can be considered as quite suitable prey.

By the way, at home - in Japan, where these animals are called tanukas, they have since ancient times attracted human attention. There were different cults of tanukas, they composed stories and legends. At the same time, raccoon dogs could be often found in the homes of Japanese - it was quite natural to take them as pets.

How to maintain and care for a raccoon dog pet?

1. Specialists recommend that you buy a puppy in the kennel and feed him yourself. Usually, breeders start to give their babies as early as the 2nd month of life. But you should not take a pet that is used to living in the wild. Especially, if there is no special need for it (the animal is not injured, and it is not threatened). In this case, the dog in captivity will be belonging, it is very difficult to adapt, and aggressive manifestations will not be rare.

2. A puppy from a domestic raccoon dog can be easily accustomed to walk on a leash and cope with the need for a tray. Some people may think that these animals are better to live on the outside, but with proper care, such a pet can live up to 15 years, and in the wild, their age usually does not exceed 5 years. And there are no difficulties with breeding - domesticated animals reproduce quite willingly and without problems.

3. Specialists do not advise to make such an animal for living in an apartment. First of all, in this case, you will need regular walks, and it is desirable to do them preferably far away from human bustle and traffic.

Raccoon Dog Pet - The Nature of these Exotic Animal

4. Secondly, raccoon dogs have very thick and dense fur, and the climate of the rented apartment will seem too hot for them. The spirit may cause the death of a furry friend. And the third, although the animal itself has a slight specific "flavor", its products are quite "fragrant". Such a nuance makes the balcony content problematic, and even a cat tray with cat filler does not save the situation.

5. Another important nuance faced by the owners of such an exotic animal - animals of both sexes are inclined to mark the territory, and the liquid released by their glands has an even sharper odor.

6. There is only one way to eliminate this flaw - castrate or sterilize your pet at an early age. It is advisable to consult with your vet on this issue as soon as your puppy is in the house, so as not to miss the right time.

7. It is best to keep your pet in the house by setting up a spacious aviary or booth. But always keep in mind that the pet will not be friendly to strangers and animals. It is recommended to be especially attentive to the arrival of other people's children.

What will it take for a raccoon dog pet?

 In the case of an aviary dog, all conditions are preserved, as in the case of an ordinary dog. The same applies to accessories - they are selected based on the size of the animal, but usually suitable leashes and so on as for small breeds.

Raccoon dogs are unpretentious in care and nutrition, do not require complex procedures, and stand like most ordinary dog breeds. It is recommended to comb them during the seasonal lines, and to accustom a pet to such a procedure is desirable from a very early age. In nature, this manipulation is replaced by friction on different parts of the trees. Raccoon dogs do not need frequent bathing, usually, this is done when the animal is dirty.

In the natural environment, these animals hibernate, although they are not as strong as bears. Pets do not hibernate, but in severe frosts, they can sit in a booth for a long time and not show their nose outside.

What to feed a raccoon dog?

In nature, tanks are omnivorous - they eat both animal and vegetable food. Their diet depends directly on the season - in summer raccoon dogs eat birds, their clutches, mouse-like rodents, frogs, and even insects. In autumn, they eat ripe fruits, berries, grains, but they are also able to consume food scraps and scavengers. In winter, the animals sleep and do without provisions, of course, if they make plenty of fat by that time.

But this does not mean that the owner can feed his pet everything because the right food depends on how long this tailed friend will live. The diet should be diverse and balanced - at least by 40%, it should consist of meat and fish part. Animals can be given meat, including fatty species, in raw form. Also, almost all by-products are suitable for feeding. Dogs can be given fish and seafood.

Meat and fish components can be mixed with cereal porridge - rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, and others. These pets do not give up vegetables, greens, fruits, and berries. When feeding with natural food, you may include various vitamin and mineral supplements in your diet, but it is advisable to consult with your vet.

Raccoon Dog Pet - The Nature of these Exotic Animal

The owners also have a second option - to choose an industrial dry food. It is better to give the premium category products suitable for small dogs. Among the harmful foods are sweets, salty, pickled, spicy dishes, smoked foods, and sausage products. They have a negative impact on the digestive system of both conventional and raccoon dogs. From such food, the teeth of animals spoil very quickly.

Peculiarities of education and domestication of raccoon dog pet

First of all, the future owner should know - even in kennels breed wild raccoon dogs, as the complete domestication of these animals has not yet occurred. Therefore, it will not be possible to completely change the basic behavior of this four-legged comrade. This person will have to learn the peculiarities and gradually adapt to the needs of a furry guest.

"Coon-dogs", as breeders call them, are not dogs in the full sense of the word, so they are not suitable for a sports career and are not able to learn the general training course. It is possible to show perseverance and teach some individuals the basic teams - "to me!", "to the place!", "not allowed!" and, perhaps, it can be considered a success. But most raccoon dogs are unable to learn even this minimum. And they can obey only on their territory.

But that's not all, you can train a pet only up to the age of half a year, and if you do it later, it will be of no use at all. The nervous system of the raccoons is quite shaky, so not all of them like walks in noisy, unfamiliar areas. Many of them feel real stress. In nature, they prefer to sleep during the day and go hunting at night. But if you provoke a pet to daytime activity, it may well change its mode to a more traditional one.