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 Minks and raccoons are related to the family of the Polecat family. Raccoon Or Mink, Which Is Better? All three species share a common genetic root. These animals gravitate to bodies of water and prefer to lead a crepuscular and nocturnal lifestyle. Of course, we're talking about wild animals. Domesticated animals easily get used to the human habitual rhythm of life. If you are looking for a contender for the role of an exotic pet, a mink or raccoon could be an excellent solution for an unusual and interesting pet.

Raccoon or mink, which is better
Raccoon Or Mink, Which Is Better?

Golden Character. Mink or raccoon?

As mammalian carnivores, both animals have a very violent temperament. If one touches a member of the Siberian Polecat, one will get an immediate and dignified response. But still, being different kinds of animals, each of them has its own views on life. If raccoons are not afraid of human presence, because they often settle in the immediate vicinity of human habitation, minks bypass everything associated with humans.

Who is more aggressive with humans, a mink or a raccoon? The answer is obvious. If a mink is not familiar with a human, it is better not to hold out your hands. A mink easily bites through your fingers. This animal has a deadly grip, like a bulldog. It is impossible to unclench a mink's clamped jaws.

Raccoons, on the other hand, are more pragmatic. They have a natural tendency to socialization. It is clear that it is better not to pull the tail of an adult wild raccoon. But, if a wild animal knows you and goes to your feeding trough for treats, it is quite possible to feed a feral cunning man in a mask from your hands. Pay attention to the article, what to do if a raccoon bites.

At what age is it best to domesticate a mink or raccoon?

When it comes to rearing, the two species are very, very similar. It is best to take a one-month-old baby, when it just opens its eyes and begins to try solid food.

If you deal with animals from childhood, both raccoons and minks are able to coexist peacefully with their owners.

If you want your pet to walk on a leash, you must accustom the animal to it as soon as he opens his eyes. By the way, minks are more accustomed to the leash. Raccoons do not much like this device.

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Raccoon or mink, which is better

Which type of animal is easier to train to the litter box?

Speaking of raccoons, they can feud with cats and dogs. It can come to fights and constant tension. But, the threshold of "domestic" conflicts raccoons do not cross. No such thing can be said about minks. Clashes with pets often end very, very badly. There are cases when a mink chews the head off a cat or chews to death a ferret or even a dog.

Of course, these are only some of the individual cases. Many facts are known about the friendship of minks with other pets. But if a mink gets angry, it will easily chew up the opponent to death. Who is better, a raccoon or a mink, you decide. Both species are predators, and the urge for forceful resolution of conflicts in both raccoons and minks is in the blood.

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External data:

Raccoons are slightly larger than minks. But, minks bribe with excellent fur. The fur of these wonderful animals sparkles and shimmers in the sun, like a real jewel. Raccoons, on the other hand, are dressed more modestly. Although, the mask on his face and striped tail add some special charm to the pet.

Make up your mind. Mink or raccoon, which is better?