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Does Child Need a Raccoon at Home?

When a child comes with a request to buy a raccoon-poloskun as a pet, Does child need a raccoon at home? many parents can be dumbfounded by this requirement. Even if they have nothing against pets, the exoticism of the requested raccoon remains unclear to them. A dog, a turtle, a cat, or a parrot - all this can be understood, but a raccoon!


In fact, raccoon-poloskun has become a very fashionable pet today. It's all thanks to their extraordinary intelligence, which makes them the heroes of many popular funny videos, gaining millions of views on the skirt today. About people who chose their pet on a raccoon, today even shoot stories on local television. So owning such an animal is certainly a sure way to attract the attention of others and get involved in unforgettable adventures. But this, of course, is an argument for the child, not for you. What should you rely on when deciding whether to satisfy the desire of a young naturalist?

Does child need a raccoon at home?

Advantages of buying a raccoon. Raccoons are unpretentious. Their diet is very, very diverse, and there are fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, nuts, minced meat, and conventional food for pets, cats and dogs. This very diet is often changed. Thus, in summer the raccoons lose a lot of weight, so inexperienced owners even begin to worry about the animal and go to the veterinarian. But it's normal, with the onset of autumn, a little glutton will begin to weave behind both cheeks everything that will turn under his paw (in general, the raccoon should be fed three times a day and do not let him overeat) until it swells up like a ball, and all winter he is sluggish, lazy and fat. And by spring, he loses weight again, he has a period of gonna start, and his diet changes again. But you don't need to follow him specially, just offer him a variety of food, and he will decide what seems to be the most delicious during this period.

Raccoons are very smart. They copy the owner's behavior, imitate very carefully and skillfully. I would like to call their eyes "smart", they are attentive, active and curious to the extreme. Coons are not strangers to empathy, they are interesting to play with. Especially raccoons like rattles. Their feet are well adapted to grab an ordinary children's rattle and start shaking it, delighted by the sounds.

The raccoons are clean and always look good. Such cleanliness is not found even among cats. Bathroom beckons raccoon more than other rooms in the house, he gladly climbs into the tub (raccoons climb perfectly), gladly stick their feet under the jet of water, quite a lot of drinking and always watching his hair. So there will be no smell of raccoon maintenance in the apartment, you don't have to worry about it. And the "winter" thick raccoon looks like a cute ball of beautiful, shimmering in the light fur. Simply put, the raccoon simply pleases the eye with one look.


Disadvantages of buying a raccoon. Of course, not everything is as rosy as it may seem from the first part of the material. The first and most important obstacle for most families who want to have a raccoon is the need to provide an exotic pet with a separate room. Of course, it does not have to be a room, and may be a pantry or a lair, a spacious aviary or a large cage. But it should be a territory where the raccoon can freely engage, have fun and do its business, most of the time. It is not possible to keep it in an apartment like a cat.

Is having a pet raccoon a good idea?

First, the raccoons are terrible destroyers. They know the world, releasing it and dismantling it into screws. At the same time, they are also extraordinarily tricky that there is a reverse side of the acute natural mind. If a raccoon liked something in your apartment, then he will definitely find a way to get it, no matter how high you put it. Sometimes they are attacked by strange bziki. As soon as the owner gets distracted, and this hooligan has already stolen a book from the shelf, pulled it apart, and paved the bathroom floor with the torn out pages. Why? The question is rhetorical.

Raccoons do not know the word "can't", and they can't be raised like a dog. You won't have to learn to eat only in your bowl, defecate only in the tray and sleep only in your enclosure, just as you don't have to make them swim, the raccoon does it all by itself. But it will not be possible to bring him up, the raccoons are wilful, they are natural thugs. And physical violence is met with aggression, the raccoons are offensive and can hide anger for a long time. Given their ability to plan, it may end badly for you. You never know what kind of "pie" the offended stripes will think.

If you, naively, decide to give a raccoon to walk around the apartment at night without supervision, then you will not be able to sleep for sure. Raccoons are night predators, so all night you will hear a stubborn researcher breaks something, break, tears, scratches, and tears it apart.

In spring, raccoons have a period of gonna, and they can be quite aggressive at this time. Which, of course, is an additional disadvantage, especially if we are talking about buying a pet for a child. Of course, it won't bite to death, but it can seriously scratch or bite.

As for the price, it is difficult to attribute it to advantages or disadvantages, because it is average and usually varies between 200-700 dollars. They have been captive for some time already, especially for home maintenance. The amount, of course, is palpable, but not too high; a good dog costs no less. However, sometimes it is possible to find a much cheaper variant through an ad on the Internet, it all depends on what area you live in, and how lucky you are. So you should not rely on the price, but above all on the possibilities of maintenance. After all, a little hooligan, as already mentioned, will need at least a small lump in your house.