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Can you Keep a Raccoon as a Pet in your Apartment?

 Raccoons are truly exotic. Can you keep a raccoon as a pet in your apartment? these animals cannot be compared to cats or dogs. Representatives of the raccoon family are ahead of our lesser brothers both in intelligence and energy level. Furry animals have an innate ability to socialize. In the hands of a good trainer, a rusky turns into a creature that can both help with housekeeping, and keep its owner company with a bottle of beer. I suggest to talk about whether it is possible to keep an animal at home, how convenient it is, and whether it is always feasible.

Can I Keep a Raccoon in My Apartment?
Can you Keep a Raccoon as a Pet in your Apartment?

Peculiarities of the organization of the life of raccoons

If you decide to get a raccoon, there are a few main things to consider:

  1. They require a lot of attention
  2. They don't like to be in a cramped space for long periods of time

Once you have an animal, you have to take care of it for at least 4-5 hours a day. Raccoons require especially much attention before puberty. The fact is that with puberty comes to the fluffy animals and "bone" character. If the animal is not instilled with owl love until this moment, the once cute and charming animal will turn into a cheeky, who can scratch and bite.

To get a striped cat in your apartment, reviews from more experienced owners will shed light on your additional questions.

As for a raccoon's personal space, the pet should have its own private corner. Many pet owners practice installing a wolf cage that locks securely. Leaving the animal unattended when it has access to all living areas is strictly forbidden. It is common for a pet to unscrew water faucets, mess with the gas stove, and chew on live wires. As a rule, at night and when no one is at home, the striped cat is locked in an enclosure. An enclosure with dimensions 1x1x1 (m) can be considered average. To clarify this point in more detail, study the reviews on whether you can keep a raccoon at home.

In the aviary must and must have: a feeder, a drinker, a tray and a comfortable bed.

Where is the best place to place the aviary?

Many owners of raccoons arrange a corner for the pet on the balcony. That is, the cage for the pet is placed on a glazed and well-insulated loggia.

Please note that the balcony must be heated during winter weather. The temperature in the enclosure should not fall below +18° (C). The raccoon corner should be well ventilated, but no draughts should be allowed.

The rhythm of raccoon life

To determine whether or not you can keep a raccoon in the house, you should know the rhythm of life of a striped raccoon. By nature, raccoons lead a crepuscular and nocturnal lifestyle. That is, living in the wild, animals sleep during the day, and in the evening and at night they roam around in search of food. Once under the care of a human, the animal adjusts to the rhythm of its owner's life.

Can I Keep a Raccoon in My Apartment?

As a rule, raccoons sleep soundly at night. But the owner of the striped coat must be prepared for the fact that the weasel with a striped tail will not sleep at night. Often, there will be cases when the fluffy begins to be capricious in the middle of the night, asking for food or demanding ordinary human attention to himself. Pay attention to the article, how many and how do raccoons sleep.

If you intend to have an animal at home, you should try to give this charming creature as much of your personal time as possible. As a reward, you will get an outlandish pet that will love you with the same strength that is addressed to itself.

Raccoon compatibility

As practice shows, not all people are able to get along harmoniously with a raccoon under one roof. It is all about the compatibility of character. Raccoons are creatures that will never restrain themselves. If the animal is interested in something, he will bite, rub, cuddle, lick and jump on a curious object. The raccoon should be understood and accepted with all pranks, playful ways, and sometimes with bullying behavior.

Only a "thick-skinned nature" can tolerate a raccoon. That is, a person who is not touchy, who will not embarrass and force the pet, but on the contrary, will accept and support the animal in its pent-up curiosity.

But is it possible to have a raccoon at home if there are small children in the family? - It is difficult to explain to the kids that the animal does not tolerate a lordly attitude towards itself, that if you pull the wonderful animal by the tail, it can bite its teeth and harm the child. Therefore, fluffy is not recommended to get in a family where there is a child or where the birth of offspring is planned.