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Domesticated Raccoons - Can I Tame a Raccoon?

 Due to various circumstances, animals appear in people's homes. Can I tame a raccoon? Someone prefers proven options and gets cats, dogs, and parrots. But it also happens that the neighbor in the living area becomes a wild animal (albeit very nice), which is poorly trained and untrained. In this case, it is necessary to learn about the neighbor as much as possible to know their habits, preferences, and character. For fans of exotic pets or lovers of forest walks, the question arises as to whether the raccoon can be domesticated and taught.

Can I tame a raccoon?

What should I know about domesticated raccoons?

The attractive appearance of this funny animal and its ostentatious friendliness can be misleading. First of all, the raccoon is a wild animal that is not used to contact people. Buying it, you need to have enough living space to create proper conditions for the beast. The raccoon can not walk freely around the house, it must have its own corner. To tame an animal to live comfortably, it is necessary:

  • To make an aviary for walking and rest;
  • Be ready for the night vigil when the raccoon begins its main activity;
  • Immediately accustom the animal to the tray, although the habit of marking the territory he will remain.

When taming an animal, one should be responsible for it. If a person suffers from allergies, has small children, or is afraid of scratches and bites, it is better not to buy a pet that lives at home until 20 years.

What should be done to tame a raccoon?

When the purchase is already made, people start to wonder if it is possible to tame a raccoon. Specialists say that an adult wild animal is quite difficult to domesticate. It is easier to cope with domestic puppies. If the raccoon is very small, it will require constant care.

  • He should be fed from a bottle;
  • Make sure that he does not get sick.
  • Make massages (below video is one of the massage options);

Domestication can go in two different ways. In the first case, the raccoon will be a homeboy, and in the second, will be a companion for its owner.

An animal, which will not go out for walks, should make an aviary in the apartment, equipped with stairs, passages, a place for sleep, food, and a toilet. This requires a lot of space. Most often, a raccoon takes a whole room, from which all dangerous objects should be removed. The fluffy school likes to do something without supervision.

Can I tame a raccoon?

Raising a traveling raccoon, the owner must teach it to move, carry, and a large number of people.

Methods of domestication of raccoon

If the animal is already large enough, it must be gradually accustomed to itself. It will be afraid to come close, but the contact is necessary to feed it. The hosts need to train the raccoon to its presence and to feed it only from the hands. It is best to sit directly near the cage and give food as needed. If you do not pay attention to the raccoon for a long time, it starts to touch the owner with his leg and beg for a tasty piece. When the animal adapts, you can begin to feed it in the cage, gradually approaching the cup.

You can go out for a walk with your pet. After all the vaccinations are delivered, you can buy a collar and leash and go for a walk with your feet. You can go on distant journeys only if you have a carrier. Animals can get nervous when there are a lot of people or just tired.

At an early age, raccoons are susceptible to various diseases, so it is necessary to carry them out at least twice a day an hour after meals.

Domesticated raccoons features of character and diet

Nervousness or dissatisfaction of the raccoon is expressed in the constant running. It can move from one corner of the cell to another without stopping. Only patience and desire will help to establish contact with the pet. If he does not like something, the owner can get a couple of bites and a dozen deep scratches.

The raccoon can be called omnivorous. Its diet must necessarily contain such products as

  • Nonfat meat is precooked;
  • Boiled fish and seafood;
  • All fruit except citrus fruits;
  • Vegetables in fresh and boiled form;
  • Different kinds of berries.

 You can only find out about your pet's preferences if you are always with your pet and pay attention to him. Read also What do raccoons eat the most?

Whether raccoons learn quickly or take a long time is up to the owner. The animal feels very well fear nervousness and other mood swings. It is sensitive to all manifestations and can respond to aggression in the same way. To avoid bites and scratches, you should leave the negative behind the door of the room.