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Raccoon Babies - Feeding and Caring for a Baby Raccoons

Spring! It's time for a new generation of stripes to be born. Feeding and caring for a baby raccoons. But sometimes something goes wrong, and the mommy raccoon rejects the newborn puppies of raccoons, and sometimes even shows aggression towards them. In this case, the owners should take over the responsibilities of the Child Protection Committee, and then adopt the tailed offspring.

Feeding and Caring for a Raccoon Puppy.

Raccoon babies: What should be done in the first place

First of all, Raccoon babies need a safe and warm place to live. For this purpose, a box with dimensions 30x30x30 cm, or box-transfer for animals will be suitable. Also good soft houses for cats. You can take a bottle of 1.5-2 liters as a heater and fill it with very warm (but not hot!) water. The bottle is covered with a terry towel or placed in a thick woolen sock. Note that the baby should have a place to crawl if it gets hot.

Now you need to get food and a bottle to feed the raccoons. This is discussed below.

Feeding raccoon babies

Puppies under 1.5-2 months old are fed goat milk or milk powder for puppies and kittens. Milk can be sweetened with a few drops of condensed milk or honey. Be careful with dry mixes! Sometimes the instructions on how to dilute the mixture may be incorrect, check it on the manufacturer's website. After eating, be sure to massage your tummy! About this below.

At the age of 4-6 weeks, you can add to the milk a little grated banana (a circle 0.5-1.2 cm thick), cottage cheese, quail eggs (1 in 2-3 days), as well as baby fruit and vegetable puree. But no more than 1 new product per day! In this case, you need to watch the chair and the baby's reaction. For convenience, you can mix all the products in a blender and give it through a nipple with a large hole.

By the 8-10 weeks, you can get your raccoon puppy used to the bowl. Finely sliced meat or mashed meat is added to the diet.

At three months, the baby switches to an "adult" diet. You can read about what adult raccoons eat here.

Baby raccoons: Feeding volume and mode

Newborn raccoons eat 0.5-0.7 ml of milk at a time. Every day this volume increases by 0.7-1 ml. It should be calculated as follows: the volume of food = 5-7% of body weight. You can find out how much a raccoon babie of different ages weighs here. Babies sleep a lot at first and wake up only to eat. This happens every 1.5-2 hours, regardless of the time of day. When the raccoons are slightly older (about 4-5 weeks), the interval between meals will increase.

Baby raccoons: Bottle selection

The raccoon diet socket should be incredibly small - only 20-50 ml. Newborn raccoons are generally fed from a syringe without a needle. Bottles of "Royal Canin" and "Trixie" companies have proved to be well-proven. They have 3 sizes of nipples and also a cleaning ruffle. You can buy them in pet stores. A puppet bottle will also fit, although it is not so comfortable.

Feeding and Caring for a Raccoon Puppy.

  • How to avoid problems

The most common and fatal errors are related to the baby's nutrition. First, the wrong posture when feeding - while eating a baby raccoon should lie on his stomach! Not vertically, not on his back, but on his stomach. His head should be slightly elevated in this case.

Secondly, the process of feeding should not happen quickly! Do not push the baby, do not push the bottle. Milk from it should not drip often, if it is turned upside down vertically with a nipple, and not run with a jet. After the raccoon has eaten, let it fully satisfy its sucking reflex and suck your finger (nails should be shortened). Once sucked in, he will fall asleep calmly.

Finally, the most important thing: massage the baby's raccoon belly. How it is done: after each feeding, and preferably after sleep, make circular clockwise movements on the baby's stomach, imitating the mother's tongue. To do this, take absorbent cotton and wet it in warm water. The procedure lasts for about 5 minutes. After that, place the puppy on a white rag and massage his pussy with one finger. We do it as if we were shaking something. This is necessary for him to pee. 

With the same finger, we pat (don't hit!) the baby on the anus from top to bottom, raising the tail up a little and then massage his belly again. This is to make the baby raccoon poop. Remember that the baby's bladder should be emptied every 2 - 3 hours, bowel 3 - 4 times a day.

If there are problems with digestion, we use such drugs:

  • bifidum bacteria (only in a glass!). Accepted 20 minutes before meals 1 tsp;
  • At the tip of the knife without a slide, dissolve it in milk
  • espumized.

They are all sold in a regular pharmacy.

  • Reasons for alarm
  1. A hard and painful tummy (especially increasing in size without feeding itself).
  2. Green diarrhea. Especially with slime. Especially with slime!
  3. Vomiting.
  4. The raccoon is constantly shouting.
  5. The baby is very sluggish.
If you suspect something, immediately contact the veterinarian!