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5 Reasons Why Racoons Aren't Actually That Dangerous

Are raccoons dangerous? There is a debate about whether or not raccoons are dangerous. They are capable of causing minor property damage, but they are not known to be particularly aggressive animals 

When the moon is yellow and the air is crisp, you might stay up late to catch a glimpse of raccoons. These masked bandits are often featured in horror movies because of their masked appearance and scavenger nature, but do you know why? 

Because they are usually portrayed as bad guys that prowl around at night, appear out of nowhere, and wreak havoc wherever they go. We all know that raccoons are not really that dangerous; they are just misunderstood.

Are raccoons dangerous? - 5 Reasons Why Racoons Aren't Actually That Dangerous
Are Raccoons Dangerous - What is the Danger of a Raccoon?

Raccoons are wild animals, they’re cute and have a habit of storing food in excess to prepare for winter. When we think about it logically, there’s not much to be afraid of! Here are five reasons why raccoons aren't actually that dangerous.

Racoons just want your food

raccoons are not dangerous, they're omnivorous, meaning that they eat both plants and pets, and they’re in the habit of storing up food for the winter. If you live near a body of water, it’s quite likely that you’ll be able to spot a raccoon. 

They’re notorious for getting into people’s trash cans, as well as their gardens, and feasting on their produce. As long as they aren’t rummaging around in your living space, they’re probably just trying to find something to eat. If you have food that you’ve left outside or in your garbage, raccoons will find it and take it. After this happens a few times, you’ll need to learn how to keep raccoons out of your trash can or garden.

Are raccoons really dangerous?

Raccoons are actually quite shy

Although they are scavengers and often rummage through garbage cans and invade gardens, raccoons are actually quite shy. They prefer to keep to themselves and avoid contact with humans whenever possible 

Raccoons generally avoid people and other animals, as well as any kind of confrontation. While it is important not to provoke them, raccoons will usually run away from a fight, at least as long as they are not cornered.

 If you see a raccoon in your yard, it's best to leave it alone. Bring your pets indoors and try to scare it away by making loud noises. If you corner a raccoon, it may attack you, although it is more likely that it will try to escape. They are still dangerous, but they prefer to run away when they have a choice.

What is the Danger of a Raccoon?

are raccoons aggressive to humans

They have very sharp teeth but use them for clipping.

Raccoons have sharp teeth that can be dangerous if they’re used to attack or threaten a person or animal. If you’ve spotted a raccoon in your yard, or have a raccoon problem in general, it’s important to know that they can give you a serious bite. 

Raccoons have very sharp teeth that are used for clipping bark off trees and plants. They’re omnivorous, so they eat both meat and plants. Their teeth are sharp because they need to be able to clip bark off a tree as easily as possible. Raccoons use their teeth for more than biting; they also use them for grooming. Raccoons have a very thick coat, so they use their teeth to groom themselves and remove fur from their underbelly.

Raccoons droppings are harmful to humans

Raccoons are great for eating your garden and trash, but they aren’t so great for the environment. Raccoons have a very specific diet, and they don’t give back to the environment in any way. This can cause problems, because raccoon droppings are actually harmful to humans.

 Raccoon droppings are harmful because raccoons can carry several dangerous diseases that can make people very sick, or even kill them. They can carry diseases like distemper, roundworms, and parvovirus. If you happen to come into contact with raccoon droppings, you’ll want to wash your hands thoroughly. You may also need to disinfect your yard or home, depending on where the feces were found. 

Raccoon are dangerous to have on your property

Raccoon droppings can also be harmful to your garden. If you have plants in your garden, and raccoons are eating from it, it’s important to make sure that you wash your produce thoroughly.

Raccoons Dangerous - What is the Danger of a Raccoon?

They have a bad reputation due to folklore

Raccoons have a bad reputation because of folklore. Raccoons are frequently depicted as villains in Japanese and Western pop culture, most notably the popular Looney Tunes cartoons. Raccoons are often featured as the antagonist, whether they be bandits or thieves. 

Raccoons were also featured in Native American folklore, though not in a negative way. They were depicted as trickster creatures, who were constantly causing mischief and getting themselves into trouble. Raccoons have been depicted in horror movies as creepy, masked bandits who skulk around at night, such as the main villain in the movie The Babadook.


Raccoons are fascinating creatures, and they aren’t as dangerous as pop culture would suggest. They’re just looking for food, and would prefer to avoid human interaction if possible. If you spot a raccoon in your yard, it’s best to shoo it away and make sure that your garden is secure.

 You may also need to wash your produce thoroughly if you have a raccoon problem. Raccoons have a bad reputation due to folklore, and they’re frequently featured as villains in pop culture. They’re not actually that dangerous, and they’re just trying to survive like the rest of us.

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